BioGraphene Carbon Nanotubes

The nanotubes act as a conductive additive for either electrode in both current and next-generation lithium-ion battery designs, incorporation of a relatively small weight % can have a significant boost to energy density. The enhanced conductivity is obvious, but the mechanical properties are also very important in providing anchorage that enables thicker electrodes, wider temperature range, or materials that give a higher capacity. 

For every batch of our Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Biographene, we have them analyzed by SEM in an independent lab so that you know you are getting primarily carbon nano-strings averaging from 5-8 nm and 200-300 nm in length.  The material can be custom orderd for smaller sizes for increased surface area or can be milled down in length as needed by the client.
Our prices start at $100/g and our minimum quantity is 1 gram. We offer a full service to make sure you are getting the material needed for your process.
Large orders get down to $.02/g for orders by the ton.