We have created unique graphitic carbon nanosheets from hemp fiber with these characteristics:
High Specific Surface area
Signifcant Volume fraction of mesoporosity
Good electrical conductivity 
Nanosheets that were created are Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes (MWCNTs) of Graphene.
MWCNTs are ideally suited for liquid based supercapacitor applications.
When compared to Commercial Activated Carbon and Commerical Graphene Nanoplatelets, it is the best power-energy characteristcs ever reported for an electrochemical capacitor.
Because of its strength properties, it can act as a reinforcement material in armor systems like personal protection, military aircraft and light armored vehicles.


   Develop the Highgrade Carbon at volumes never seen

   Work with manufacturers to develop Elite Cells, 

     Supercapacitors and armor systems

   Develop a solidstate battery

   Scaling up the manufacturing







We can produce 1 ton per day

(260 tons per year)  in our manufacturing process.








6 - 8 Months

We will be able to produce 4 tons per day (2,000 tons per year)



12-15 months

We will be able to produce 40 tons per day (12,000 tons per year)